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Periyar E.V.Ramasami’s writings in ‘Revolt’


 Revolt’  (the word was written in small     letters) was the English weekly launched by Periyar in 1928 as a journal of the Self-Respect Movement.  Despite the richness of its contents and its wide reach within and outside the then Madras Presidency, he could not continue with it for long  due to financial constraints. This weekly brought out from Erode and Madras  was ultimately  folded up in 1930. His speeches and articles in Tamil were translated by  his comrades.Here are some selected writings and speeches of Periyar published in this Journal about which he wrote in its second year of publication:

It was on the 7th day November 1928 that memorable day in the history of the nations, the day of the anniversary of the immortal Revolution in Russia, the day which is looked upon as the violent explosion of human liberty, the day which is memoralised by millions in Russia for the mighty mixing up of monarchs and the masses, - it was on that day that the revolt saw the light of day at Erode. Even as we pointed out at the outset, we ‘unfurled the flag of revolt to destroy tyrannies and to befriend men and women’. Our aim, as we declared, was to put before our people, and humanity in general, how ‘social injustice is at the root of our economic bondage and political subjugation’.


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